Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Review

cr 506b0fcdcc4618194656221cbff23719 S4 Samsung GalaxyThe Samsung galaxy S4 is finally here. Everybody was waiting to see the new smartphone from Samsung and the wait is over.  The day that this gadget was officially announced to the public, it was definitely clear that smartphones like HTC, Sony Xpera Z, iPhone and others have a meaty competition. This is a full review of the phone from the date, place and features of it.


Release date and the venue

Samsung announced this new gadget at a glittering event at New York’s famous radio city music hall. It was confirmed that the official releasing date was going to be April 26th this year. The company said

that Samsung S4 will roll out with a staggering 327 operators across 155 countries.


The price

Since this device is new and has been upgraded, we expect the price range of Samsung galaxy S4 to be

about $725 US dollars SIM free. However, the actual price for this smartphone is yet to be confirmed.


Samsung galaxy S4 features


1.       Dimensions and weight

When we compare this phone with galaxy S3, it is somehow smaller. The dimensions of Samsung galaxy S4 is 5.38 X 2.34 X 0.5 inches. However, when you look at it without measuring, it appears to be a little bit thinner. This device only weighs 130g. Yeah! It is very light.

2.       Design and color

Samsung is known by using the polycarbonate chassis.  This plastic has been used on the new smartphone and it has a metallic banding on its sides but it is still plastic. The color choice for this product is white frost and black mist. However, they did say they will add other varieties of colors later this year.

3.       Processor and RAM

People say that dual-core and quad-core processors are the best and fast; if this is the case, what about eight-core processor? Well, Samsung galaxy S4 runs on Exynos 1.6GHz eight core processor. It is really amazing and unbelievable.

Moreover, it has a RAM of 2GB which is twice with the one you will get in iPhone. This feature makes this phone to be the fastest.

4.       Screen display

The phone has a Super OLED screen that has a stunning 441ppi. This makes images appear really sharp. It also has a display of 1080p. The screen size is 5 inches.

5.       LTE and Wi-Fi connection

It seems that S4 supports both LTE variants and it also supports Wi-Fi wireless internet connection. Moreover, it has the ability to receive all frequencies and standard covered.

6.       Operating system

Samsung galaxy S4 is running using the latest android jelly bean version. However, even if this is the case, they have modified it a little to make it unique and stand out from the rest. The phone has the ability to read air gestures and it can be used to operate the phone.

7.       Battery

Samsung have really done some work on the battery’s life. The new phone is using a 2600mAh battery. This feature makes the battery to stay longer.



It is clear that Samsung have decided to make a huge impact in to the smartphone market with their product. Well, now we have to wait for other smartphone companies to respond as well.

Hopefully this article has been helpful as well as informative. If you have any question or comment, kindly do it on the comment section.

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