Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Features

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is the lower range version of the hugely popular Samsung flagship phone in the name of Galaxy S3. The slimmed down version of the smart phone is a good one for the middle budget consumers, the support for the carrier band is superb and the phone can operate at a wide range of frequencies. The size of the phone is compact and the design is very attractive too.

The phone comes with the 4.0 touch screen powered by super AMOLED technology. The touch screen is very sensitive as it is a capacitive touch screen. Below is a list of technical specifications:

Samsung Galaxy SIII Review


2G bands –  850,900,1800,1900

3G bands – 900,1900,2100 HSDPA

Sim type- The S3 mini uses a mini-sim type of sim card.

Date of announcement- October 2012

Status- The phone is currently available after its release in November


Dimensions: 4.79× inches

Weight- the phone weighs just about 112 grams.

Display screen:

Size: 480×800 pixels resolution

Multi-touch: Available

Memory :

The phone has 16 GB internal memory with provision of expansion up to 32 GB. The phone also has a powerful 1 GB RAM.

The new Samsung galaxy S3 mini has many of the features that the original version of Samsung Galaxy S3 has. The phone is also a standard size of 4.0 screens which is great for those who want to carry around an S3 in their pocket. There is no doubt that the flagship phone’s slimmed down version is for the youth.

This phone is specifically targeted for the audience that is youth in Europe. The S3 original is powerful but not as portable as any other 4 inch phone. The company hopes that the S3 mini version will fill up the hole in the sales due to that reason.

The phone comes with a decent quality of the camera which is 5MP. The Autofocus feature works great with the pictures being clear and crisp. The overall feel of the multimedia in this phone is nice and can be used as a good multimedia and picture taking phone too.

Browsing the internet and download rates are also pretty good and compatible with the network. The feature of WI-FI hotspot is available as it is with many other android based phones.

The battery life is average as is the case with many other Android phones. The Operating system takes its toll on the phone as a result of which mostly you must have to charge it once in every 24 hours. The phone runs on the latest 4.1 Jellybean version of the Android operating system. As a result of this, there are many powerful and functional apps that you can download from the Android play store and enjoy on your Samsung Galaxy S3 mini. The phone also supports the latest HTML 5 type of browsing giving you the advantage of seeing the web as it is.

Overall the mini version of S3 is going to rock the market and turn out to be one of the most looked after phones in this year.

This article was written by Brad Harris, researcher and lead writer for Balloon gas. Brad has an avid interest in all things technology and loves writing about the latest trends in tech.

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