Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Nexus landed in Indian Mobile Technology Market with some juicy facts but an average user of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not aware about some hidden features of this device. In this article, we will let you know about three superb facts of Samsung Galaxy Nexus that are not uncovered yet. I hope that you will definitely like these Samsung Galaxy Nexus Tips & Trick, which are going to present here in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

1.      Set up Data Usage

Android v4.0 ICS comes with some amazing facts and “DATA USAGE METER” is one of them, but with “Set up Data Usage” tip you can do something different from an average user of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You can access Data Monitor from main Screen Data Usage page. This boundary has closure for disabling mobile data on top along with large graph down to it. To Short Monthly Data Cap you have to drag up or move anywhere the ICS Data Usage graph on orange warning line. A notification appears when you phone attained to this Data Volume. Android 4.0 is elegant to shut you down when gear out of hands.

If you need to discontinue Data Swallowing behaviors, you have to check the box, which is beside to “Set Mobile Data Limit”, and another red line will appear on graph. You have to drag another red line on above Orange line. You can check all activities of your Data by using Android Aggregated Data Usage Graph.

2.       Turn on GPU Acceleration

Android ICS is supported to accelerate 2D Surfaces drawing, but now this power is under user’s control. ICS GPU acceleration is available in main screen setting, to find the Developer Option you have to scroll down the button. After that “Froce GPU Rendering” will be appeared after scrolling about 2, 3 down listing, Enable this option and then your phone apps like swiping & Scrolling, including 2D Drawing surfaces speed will boost up.

This trick will make your Galaxy Nexus more speedy when you use the scrolling option on it, and it will bring you the vibrant visual effect that are never seen before any other Android Smartphone model.

3.       Get used to real folders

Google gets new ways to redesign and making folders on home screen for Android Smartphones. To make folders in ICS, haul the icon of app on top of another and a folder will created with holding both apps in it. These apps icons are still able to organize within the folder by dragging around them and if you want to get them back, you can drag an icon out from folder to home screen then it will be back on its past position.

Ice Cream Sandwich’s Folders are able to work on home screen panel also they can effective on harbor area beside with app drawer icon. Google getting more changes to make folders more usable in Android Home Screen.

Android v4.0 in Galaxy Nexus has many other facts and features which are not in approach of any average user but these three tips and trick are more effective for performance and usage of Galaxy Nexus.

Author – Shailesh Shukla

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