Samsung Galaxy Ace Can Be Customized With New ROM

cr 3a49addc2be3f3cb159f55ebaf22e75f Samsung Galaxy AceSamsung galaxy smart phones are probably the most famous series of smart phones. One can see that they are very active in all the segments of the market and do not just let their old phones to rest in peace after a span of time. The galaxy Ace is one phone from Samsung which is still one of the best budget smart phones in the lower-mid range segment of the smart phones.

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Ace has been plugged with the gingerbread OS, there are a few ROMs available which will simply unleash the beast of the phone and just make it more fun to use. The particular ROM, here in focus, is the S’Perience ROM especially for the S5830 galaxy ace from Samsung. Here is a sneak peek at what you get:

  • Custom boot animation (that‘s cool)
  • Galaxy s3 like settings and Nature UX
  • Volume slider
  • Holo launcher (themed attractively)

The enhanced graphics will ensure that you will have a better gaming experience on your Samsung Galaxy Ace. The RAM customization is handy and you can even have an ad free experience on your phone.

But one has to remember that

  • This S’Perience ROM is only meant for the Galaxy Ace S5830 and on other phones may give undesired results.
  • These steps and information here is purely for educative purpose so in case something goes wrong Samsung will not take responsibility.
  • You are doing it at your own risk.

Before you start with the updation process ensure that your set has at least 70% battery as the last thing we want is our device to power out. So now here is the simple set of instructions which can transform your Ace into an ace performer.

        I.            Get the files copied to your SD card in the device.

      II.            Turn off your Galaxy Ace and go to the recovery mode. This can be done by pressing down the home and the power buttons.

    III.            Make a backup of your data so that it can be restored in case of any flaw.

    IV.            After you select the factory rest install the contents of the ZIP file and reboot the device.

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