The Top 5 Free iPhone Apps of 2010

Keen to keep up with mobile trends? As 2010 comes to a close here is a round up of the most popular free iPhone applications of this year. If you haven’t already downloaded these then they’re available from the iTunes store for absolutely nothing! Try them out before 2011 comes along bringing a whole host […]

AT&T’s Captivate GPS Problems

After experiencing the GPS on AT&T’s Captivate, we have been unhappy with the poor system on a supposedly high-tech phone. Samsung Galaxy S-branded phones have various reports of poor GPS systems. I have personally experienced the frustration caused by the Captivate. A major advantage to these smart phones is the GPS ability. If you don’t […]

10 Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Smart Phone Battery

The Smartphone is more advanced than the regular phone and provides the user with more features such as the ability to compute and connect in more ways than the regular cell phone allows. They are more like handheld computers in the form of a mobile phone. You are allowed to run many applications on platforms […]