Pebble’s Official Appstore Coming “Early 2014,” Will Be Built Into Android And iOS Pebble Apps

Pebble is finally getting around to creating an official app marketplace for software devs build for its platform. The Pebble Appstore, as it will be known, is going to debut sometime early next year according to the company, and it’ll be integrated directly into the existing iPhone and Android applications for the smartwatch. Third-party app […]

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launches brought hacker frenzy, reports Kaspersky Lab

The launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One brought about a frenzy to more than just the gamer front. According to Kaspersky Lab, coinciding with the consoles’ respective launches, instances of cyber attacks skyrocketed as hackers sought — and continue to seek — to take advantage of the latest onslaught of gamers. The attacks […]

Apple patents computer with extreme-angle projector, wireless charging

Apple has been bulk-granted 51 new patents, Patently Apple reports, and one of them is a computer with an extreme-angle projector built-in. The patent describes a “desk-free” computer wirelessly connected to all peripherals and using any available vertical surface as a display screen. The computer would, alas, require some presumably non-desk surface to sit on, […]

Gift Guide: A Few Of Our Favorite Things

  Friends, the moments are ticking away and it won’t be long at all before your tranquil living rooms turn into wrapping paper-strewn war zones. What’s that? You haven’t done your shopping yet? Well, we’ve decided to take a quick break from our more thematic gift guides and give you the straight dope on the […]

The Napwell Knows When You Are Sleeping, Then Coaxes You Awake

Is this the year of the sleep mask? Napwell thinks so. The Boston-based company is creating a napping mask that allows you to grab some shut-eye and wake up gently as lights inside the mask slowly rouse you from your slumber. The device lets you set a nap duration and then nod off. Once you […]