New Nintendo 3DS is getting Super NES games

During its Nintendo Direct presentation today, the company announced plans to bring SNES games to the New Nintendo 3DS console. Starting today, Super Mario World, Pilotwings, and F-Zero are available to download from the Nintendo E-Shop. While good news for New Nintendo 3DS owners with a taste for nostalgia, owners of the non-‘New’ 3DS are […]

Yahoo Esports hub covers League of Legends and more

Yahoo has announced a new hub called ‘Yahoo Esports,’ and as its name suggests, it is dedicated to news and coverage of esports events from around the globe. The hub has tapped several people from the industry to contribute editorial and video content, including weekly videos covering things like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, […]

Google experiments with a way to pay without taking out your phone

Google is rolling out a pilot program today that introduces a new way to pay cashiers — and it involves leaving your phone in your pocket. It’s called Hands Free, and it’s a way to basically connect your phone with a point of sales system using the sensors on your phone. The end result is […]

Strange sensations: HTC’s brave new virtual world

The first thing I notice is a feeling of weight on my face. Followed by a sensation of standing in boundless space. A monochrome 360-degree vanishing point vista winks into view. I look around, blinking into the far distance and very quickly my adjusting eyes fill with grit… Welcome to the weird world of 21st century virtual […]

Pebble just cut the price of the Time and Time Round smartwatches

Pebble’s latest smartwatches are now a little less cash. The Time Round is $199 and the Time is $149. At these prices, the Pebble sits more comfortable among its competition. Fitbit’s new Blaze costs $199 and Garmin’s Vivoactive is $219. At $149 rather than $199, the Pebble Time should look a bit more attractive to […]

McDonald’s new Happy Meal box turns into VR goggles

McDonald’s has introduced a new Happy Meal box in Sweden that transforms into a pair of virtual reality goggles after the meal is finished. The goggles are the same as Google Cardboard and similar constructions — you slide your phone into place and look through a pair of lenses, enjoying 3D apps and 360-degree videos. […]

Bugatti’s Chiron by the (outrageous) numbers

With a benchmark like the record-breaking Veyron, Bugatti had to create something special in the all-new Chiron. It succeeded. Unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show today, the hotly-anticipated supercar doesn’t just look like a spaceship brought to Earth, it promises to drive like something trying to achieve escape velocity. Crazy numbers are part and parcel […]

Is 3D Printing The Next Industrial Revolution?

It was in 1909 when Henry Ford, master of efficiency and standardization, famously said that a “customer can have a car painted any color…so long as it is black.” While the First Industrial Revolution introduced machines to replace hand labor, Ford helped usher in what was ultimately the principle of mass production; using those machines […]