LCD vs. Plasma – Which TV to Choose?

cr 3857e7ebbb66dd07097ea3e2106aa3d6 Tv LcdLCD – Why pick LCD? 


LCD – If you are looking for speed and brilliance than LCD is for you.  Typically an LCD is lightweight, attractive in design, slim and stylish in profile and available in sizes from about 6″ up to 65″ in width.  An LCD TV can also be used as a PC monitor with a 1080 pixel HD resolution level without sacrificing any picture quality.  Because of its lightweight design, LCD TV’s can be moved around easily and often and placed virtually anywhere.  Typical depth of LCD flat screen’s is only about 3″.  There are even LCD models available capable of 3D (Three Dimensional) which can also convert 2D images into 3D by simply selecting a button.  High end LED backlighting engages clusters of LEDs which are selectively switched on and off for optimal performance.  LCD technology also encompasses LED types.  LCD’s are very energy-efficient.  LCD TV’s include LED backlit models which are even thinner in comparison to Plasma TV’s.  The low energy LCD consumption technology is a favorite for people watching their budgets.

If you watch a lot of daytime television in a room lacking curtains, blinds or drapes then a LCD is for you.  LCD technology offers a bright picture and looks better in bright lit areas.  LCD models also can include glare resistant screens.  LCD TV’s are the most popular choice nowadays for a variety of factors.


Plasma – Why Pick Plasma?


Plasma – In a nut shell Plasma provides for smooth action and sharp presentation.  Plasma screens operate by lighting up small cells containing gases of neon and xenon which exist between two plates of glass.  When the cells light up, bright and crisp images appear.  Plasma’s are slim and sophisticated in their design features.  Plasma’s are known for providing great depths of color brilliance for deep saturated blacks and peak whites.  The sharp realism found in the Plasma Technology is unmatched.  Typical screens range in size from 42 to 63 inches.  Plasma’s work best in dimly lit rooms while offering high contrast ratios.  Plama’s also provide for wide viewing angles so there is not a bad seat in the house! 


If you are a big sports fan then Plasma is for you as it provides for the most natural motion and fast on-screen action suitable for sports and video games. Plasma’s have no blur and can track fast-moving images making it ideal for sporting events. Contrarily if you are a film aficionado then the Plasma system can offer a “filmlike” experience for your home theater.  Plasma over LCD is a nobrainer if you like sports, video games or a enhanced home experience.


LCD vs. Plasma – Some important considerations before buying an LCD (LCD technology includes LED) vs. Plasma TV:

1)      Determine the room where the LCD / Plasma TV will be located.  Be aware of lighting and room size.

2)      Determine if you will be permanently locating a tv OR plan on moving it from time to time.

3)      Be cognizant of PC connectivity and Internet access for download and access activities.


LCD vs. Plasma

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