iPhone Apps for Assisting Medical Professionals

The world of medicine and healthcare revolves around individuals shouldering responsibilities that are important for the health and well-being of lives. Tools and gadgets which come with specially built in functionalities to enhance the quality of life of healthcare and medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and diagnostic workers play a significant role in improving the productivity of these professionals at work.

The challenge is that there are a whole range of iPhone apps meant to assist medical professionals that it becomes tough to select the ones that best suit your needs. A look at some of the leading apps can simplify your decision making process, if you are a medical professional in search of few relevant iPhone apps. Check out the six apps listed below.

1. MedPage Today Mobile App

This is a great app that helps medical practitioners to keep abreast with the latest cutting edge developments in the world of medicine so they can manage their time effectively and continuously update their knowledge and skills. Since a majority of doctors, surgeons and physicians lead very busy lives, they are interested in finding better ways to stay in touch with breakthrough advances in their respective fields all over the world. This app essentially caters to this need.

2. Epocrates App

This one is a must-have app that acts as a valuable resource on drugs that are prescription drugs as well as over the counter drugs. It is widely used by medical workers, especially by students and non-experienced as well as experienced workers. Since the list of new drugs being launched in markets is never static, this is a great app to access the best medicine.

3. iRadiology App

This serves as a database of cases from radiology and imaging, where you can hone your scan reading and interpretation skills. The cases are derived from leading medical schools and institutions and you can benefit from the knowledge of experts in the field of radiology and diagnostics.

4. Instant ECG

This app is a great way to understand, enhance and revise your ECG examination skills. Equipped with real time rhythms and a database of questions, it can help you to find your strengths and weaknesses in ECG interpretation. You can practice and perfect your skills.

5. Pedi Safe

This app is meant for healthcare workers who have to deal with an unexpected emergency situation relating to cardiac resuscitation for pediatric patients. According to the body weight and critical parameters, the level and dosage of various drugs can be administered.

6. Dr.Rounds

Dr.Rounds assists doctors to keep track of their patient monitoring schedule, whether it is a daily visit, a consultation session or a procedure. So as a doctor, you do not have to bother about the lists of patients that you have to visit or might have missed. You can schedule your daily routine in an efficient and organized manner.

The list of iPhone apps that can simplify the daily work of a medical worker is dynamic and ever-growing. Ultimately it depends on your particular needs and requirement and you have to decide which responsibilities you would like to have the assistance of these iPhone apps. Using technology to give you extra time that can be put to creative use is essential in today’s fast paced world. Obviously not all data and information can be packed and accessed within the limited constraints of time and energy.

iPhone apps for medical and healthcare workers fulfill a significant market need. Just consider the number of patients who need medical care and consultations everyday and the numbers are steadily on the rise and it is easy to realize how iPhone apps for medical workers are an excellent way to organize and handle your healthcare responsibilities.

Sachin is a tech enthusiast and love blogging about various topics other than technology. He has previously written for brands like Protectyourbubble.com iPad insurance. Protect your bubble insurance is a brand which provides reliable gadget insurance for all gadget owners.

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