iPhone 5 Production Might Be Delayed: Reasons Why

All iPhone 5 fans can get upset as the famous iOS company seems to be challenged by iPhone 5 details supply.

The bigger the company is, the bigger its problems can get. If you closely follow historical facts you now that every huge corporation comes to a point when it gets stretched infrastructure and later it shrinks. It seems that such problems are now faced by Apple Inc.

iPhone 5 Production

iPhone 5 Supply Challenge

A lot of tech companies are getting their supplies from the same manufacturers. We are talking about such components as flash memory, Wi-Fi radios and 4G, etc.

Users would be sad to hear the latest rumor about Sharp delaying the delivering of the next iPhone 5 displays. It is reported that the Japanese firm mortgaged its factories and offices to stay in business till the deal between Foxconn and Sharp is done.

Apple tried to work with TSMC instead of Samsung, but this has failed so the Korean company is still the Cupertino-based company’s processor supplier.

If Apple sales of its smartphones are as huge as believed, than the iPhone 5 release should be supported by about 170 million items in the next year. And the company needs to find components for all these devices.

Apple’s Supply Chain

The California giant is trying to replace Samsung but so far it couldn’t completely refuse getting component supplies from it. Experts believe that this can impact iPhone 5 production and cause shipment delays or the smaller amount of units sold by Apple later this year.

Analysts have even reduced their forecast on the iOS device shipments from over 147 million to 130.6 million gadgets because of the problems with component supplies. International stores will most likely get the new product with a delay as well.

iPhone 5 Release Plans

A survey conducted by Techbargains says that over 20 percent of people with Android devices and nearly 40 percent of BlackBerry users wish to buy the iPhone 5 as soon as it is officially launched. A lot of iPhone 4S users would also like to get the next-generation device.

As millions of people worldwide dream about purchasing the new iPhone Apple’s problems with component supply can influence its future plans for the expansion. Of course, the empire wouldn’t let something ruin its popularity on the market of smartphones. It might start its personal component production line or find new partners who will supply it with new parts.

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