How Mobile Browsers Changed The Way We Use The Internet On Our Phones?

family picIn the last ten years alone we have seen a massive increase in the amount that we can do with mobile phone browsers. It wasn’t that long ago that we were only able to get text versions of sites, which was all well and good news for headlines and emails, but not good for pictures or streaming video.

As the years have moved on and the capabilities of the mobile networks have increased such as 2G, 3G and now even in many countries 4G is being laughing, so have we seen a massive leap in what we can have delivered to our phones. Now we can expect something more from our mobile phone.
Just like browsing internet, Playing high definitions video and high definition movies, paying HD games of few GB on mobile phones, believe it or not but I seen some mobile games which are in few Gigabytes (e.g. few games for Samsung Galaxy S3).Because of the upgrade in how much can be streamed over the air and how fast it can be received, we can able to see more and more that mobile browsers are becoming at least comparable to bog standard PC internet browsers. With the advent of HTML 5, we are seeing the uptake of sites using more advanced graphics, integrated videos and sound and even online casino games through the browser at sites like Gaming Club. With the help of HTML 5 we can watch the videos without any support of Flash format.As Apple products such as iPhoneiPad doesn’t have any support for flash content. In that case the HTML5 capable browser is only the solution to watch the YouTube video and other contents that are available as replacement to flash. Also, because of what we can achieve with the browser, there is a lot more scope for fast and effective delivery of up to the minute news and headlines and this is only possible with high speed internet connection such as recent technology inventions 3G and 4G.

Also there is one of the best connectivity for mobile phone called Wi-Fi. As with the help of Wi-Fi we can extent the speed and capability of mobile internet browsing. Whether its sports or politics that you’re looking for, it’s more than likely going to be available on your mobile internet browser.

Because we can receive more complicated web sites now we are seeing the social network sites are increasingly coming packaged in with the phone itself (For example Facebook and Twitter applications are available for all mobile phone platforms such as Android, iOS, Symbian, Java etc…).

Just five years ago the mobile version of Facebook was almost laughable, featuring no photographs, no ability to leave messages, but only the option of text messaging through the Facebook site. Now we are seeing nearly total integration with mobile devices and in most cases even dedicated apps for all varieties of handset like blackberries, iPhone and last but not least Android.

So, it really seems that there is no limit to what we can do, or what will be around in the future with mobile phones.


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