Home Security Systems Uses Cable TV: Top 5 Reasons to Use False Alarm

According to statistics, crime rates increases in parallel to the increase in unemployment rate. And since the global economy is in turmoil, we could expect a lot of small-scale crimes that target the unsecured household of most Americans.

This phenomenon touched the minds of the business sectors especially the Cable TV providers to offer their loyal customers an online security system that could be used with spy cameras, and IP regulated lock systems. These services are believed to be significant not only for the security of each family but as well as in the business sectors

False Alarm

For the past five years, there was an increase in the demand of hone security as most of the Cable companies offered the services to the area where petty crimes are most likely to happen. This increase has brought tremendous financial gains to all companies putting Home security to the 2nd place of the most outstanding income generating service by the Federation of Cable Network Providers or FCP.

This service may not be the conventional human security that our folks invented, but it is so précised that it could send security data worldwide through the use of the internet.

The online world calls this as the “false alarm” security system because it is so precise that it could detect even the slightest movement of the household cat. False alarms offer people a kind of security that could alarm in cases of criminal attempts.

Here are the 5 reasons why we should use false alarms:

1. It can be programmed

Families who are fond of having vacations outside the city could program their false alarm system in their own level of preference. They can manipulate it online through IP-based command system using the smart phone, tablets or laptop. It could send siren when someone attempts to break through the perimeters of their households.

2. Can be used as an evidence

The picture and the video captured via the CCTV cameras are credible evidences that could be used against anyone who are identified as suspects. This type of camera is what others call the silent defense of the household. It could be placed anywhere camouflage to your existing appliances or art collections. Statistics shows that the pictures and videos from these cameras solve 39 percent of the crimes in America.

3. Cheap

Home security provided by Cable TV is cheaper compared to the security firms. The false alarm security system provided by Cable TV offers the same level of security with the difference in price. It can be installed easily by anyone even without knowledge in security and technology.

4. Control

The best thing about false alarm is that you can actually monitor your house even if you enjoy the sunset and the beach in Boracay Island in the Philippines. If someone got into your home, you can play as a ghost by playing the TV, and the recorded voice of a police officer. This is possible because this security is internet based.

5. Value life and property

Although its sound casual this type of security value the life of your family. It also protects your property from damage because of the looters roaming around the city.

This type of security is very important and essential for today’s families. However, before calling around, be sure to check out all of the different cable providers in your zip code.

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