Get Your US IP Address with the Secured and Comfortable VPN Service

Services provided by SunVPN

The SunVPN provides VPN services aims to provide more secure and highly accessible internet connections for everyone in the world. The service is a paid one and lets you to browse the internet anonymously. There are more VPN service providers available in the market and now you will see about the SunVPN. It has lots of servers in seven countries. Thus, you can choose your location to access the internet. It supports the three VPN protocols such as L2TP, OpenVPN and the PPTP. Thus, you can choose one among these three protocols. The PPTP is faster yet less secure than the other two protocols. Nonetheless, Apple and Android have native support on PPTP and is easier to setup. The L2TP is more secure and can be setup easily. The OpenVPN is extensively secure and can never be blocked by the firewalls as they can make use of any port. The SunVPN is compatible with the major operating systems and platforms like Linux, Mac, Windows, Apple and Android. They have their own customers. Once the customers buy the plan, the installation file is automatically emailed to the customer. The installation process is easier and the instructions can be followed easily.

Various Plans and Packages

The SunVPN offers three packages for its customers namely the SSL Plan, Mobile Plan and a combo of the SSL and Mobile Plans. The cheapest among all the plans is the Mobile Plan and it supports only the PPTP. This is suitable for the mobile devices however, if the customer requires more security for the Mac or PC, then they will have to move for the SSL plan. This is expensive when compared to the Mobile Plan. The third one is a combination of both SSL and Mobile. You can alternately move between both the plans with both your PC and mobile devices. The main advantages are unlimited traffic, best customer support, technical support for setup and unlimited traffic. One of the biggest advantages of the SunVPN service is the customer support that is available for 24 * 7. They usually respond to the customer’s queries within two hours. They have well trained and talented technical support team to answer any sort of problems.

Why get a US IP address?

Most people in many countries are unable to watch certain videos or websites as they are restricted in those countries. The US based programs can be watched only by the Americans and some other countries never allow people from other countries to watch the TV shows or movies of the US. The network authorities never allow other country people to view the American websites by just looking at the IP address of an individual and the websites also permit IP address only from inside the United States. If you attempt to get into the American Websites from the IP address that belongs to another country, then you are not an authorized access to the services. This is main reason for getting an USA IP address by many people. This can become possible with the help of a virtual private network. It offers you more services along with the permission to access the American websites from outside the US. The virtual network safeguards you when you browse the internet. It also increases the internet connection and also lets you to browse websites of any countries with no problem. This is a paid service and you will gain more safety and some services that will benefit you online.

Steps to create a VPN account to avail the US IP address

Creating a VPN account is an easy process and for that you will have to follow certain instructions. First, you must search for a US VPN. Next, you must enter the user name and email address. Once you complete these steps, you will be getting VPN password that will let you in the members section of your preferred VPN provider. You must log into the section and perform certain steps. First, you must choose a security protocol and select US as the internet entry point to avail the US IP address. Next, you can choose the bandwidth size and pay for the subscription. Thus, you can access your favorite websites and watch the movies or videos very well in a secured way.

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