Gadgets Every Construction Manager Should Own

cr 3b2f23f5f2121f119d7e71ec0b1ba68d Construction WorkerYour construction workers have the coolest gadgets for their tool belts. They have power tools and utility knives with ergonomic handles for comfort. Having the right tools makes them more efficient at their jobs, and it? important for managers to also have the right tools. Here are a few gadgets you can carry in your smartphone that will help you keep the job site under control and complete your projects on time.

Laser Tape Measure
Time is money, and it takes time to get measurements when you’re out in the field. With a laser tape measure, you don’t have to walk all the way around the room. Items like the Leica DISTO D2 allow you to measure distances even through obstructions. The laser tape measure allows you to easily determine angles, and move quickly through all of your measuring tasks.

When you’re assembling estimates for jobs, you need to have accurate numbers. Overestimating materials will dramatically increase your customer estimates, and that can cause you to lose jobs. Fortunately, there are several smartphone apps that make it easy to determine how much concrete, drywall, or carpet you will need. These apps include the Carpet Estimator, Concretulator, Drywall Calculator, LumberCalc and the Roofing Calculator.

Get the Numbers Right
Construction managers appreciate how important math truly is. While the apps above will help you determine how much you need of any certain material, this app is a full building calculator that provides you with all the answers you need. It carries a high price of $19.99, but you can use it to create estimates, run calculations, determine pitch, rise, run and diagonal right-angles as well as cylindrical area, volume, arcs, circumference and even arched rake-walls. Whether you are a single worker doing odd jobs and renovations or you are putting in bids on major jobs for a larger company, this app will help you with all of your calculations.

There is still a place in your job for full-size blueprints, but have you ever wished that you could carry smaller prints for quick reference when you’re out in the field? You’ll be excited to hear that you can do just that with the iBluePrint. It provides contractors with fast access to blueprints when you are away from the office and just need a quick reference point.

The iPad
While you may already have a smartphone, you should consider also investing in a tablet. The Mobile Plan Room is an app made specifically for iPads. With this app, you can access drawings and plans from anywhere you are. Synced with, you can share drawings, specifications and other important information with your crew. The app is available for iPhones, but you will appreciate the larger screen and versatility of the iPad.

Put the Level in Your Phone
With the iHandy Level, you can have a level right inside your phone. This comes in handy to quickly check doors, walls and other surfaces to ensure that they are level or plumb. It allows you to eliminate one small tool from your belt by moving it to your phone. Then you can use the open space for some other handy tool.

Technology is constantly changing, and it can change the way you run your construction business. These apps help you get correct measurements, produce accurate estimates and carry blueprints in your pocket. You can also invest in timeline apps that will help you keep the job on schedule, but only if you also have a smartphone or tablet.



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