Explore Top Android Messaging Apps

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and today it is the most popular OS in the mobile market. With all the latest features, Android made a successful platform for all smartphones. The Jelly Bean is the latest operating system from Android with incredible supporting apps. It has made a highly successful presence in the smartphone world. It consists of many useful apps with a stunning performance. Samsung is the leading company that had installed Android OS on most of their mobiles.


WhatsApp is an extraordinary messaging app available on Android. It is the most famous app that connects you with friends and family. It is the easy way of connecting or sharing photos, videos and other small files. The user needs to register to get started with the WhatsApp messenger app. In this app, there is a free way of exchanging files, videos clips, recorded files and other documents, as well. WhatsApp is the most popular app that offers fantastic messaging options.


Viber is famous for making phone calls. Apart from that, it also offers free message sending service, as well. The app lets the user attach file or photos to the message including with standard emoticons. Download the Viber app from Android store and install it. After installing the app, enter your mobile number and follow the instructions of app to get started. After starting the app, you can see the contacts who are registered in Viber. Make friends, exchange data, share images and have immense fun on Viber app. It is a free app that enables to make free calls and messages.


The GO SMS Pro is another outstanding messaging widget that will replace initial messaging widget. The app offers a vast range of customisation features. It is very much similar to handcent SMS app and has the same features. With its improved design, including different themes and many unique stickers it is instant chat that lets the user enjoy fun chatting time with friends and other family members. Download this app from Android store and install it on your smartphone

Handcent SMS

If you want to change your messaging style, then handcent SMS is for you. This app allows the user to make his own kind customisation. It offers various features like changing background colour, themes and SMS bubbles, as well. With this kind of service, the message turns attractive and fun. The user can change font colour, lock private messages, and schedule the sending messages. Try this app on the Android smartphone and get a great way of enjoyment on fun creating SMS to share with friends.

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