Cater to the Window Shoppers and make attract potential customers

Online shopping has made the marketing and advertising departments have to work, or at least think, a bit harder when they are presenting products in a sales campaign. Retail outlets simply used to put up their best display in the window in order to draw customers in. Now, they not only need to have an excellent physical storefront, but their cyber store needs to be readily accessible as well to shoppers and those that browse for products. Didn’t think online shoppers browsed? They sure do and probably a lot more than a person who is walking through the mall window shops. However, window shoppers can turn more profitable with just a few tips on a retail website.

Make it Easier

Window shopping is the term applied to a person who is not necessarily ready to buy a product, but they are gathering information and looking for a good price. If they happen to find a great price or a deal, such as free shipping, then they might go ahead and buy it. Whereas a serious shopper is one who already knows what brand, model and store they are getting a product from and have a price in mind or are getting the product because it is on sale. Window shoppers are more desirable people to cater to because they typically turn in to impulse buyers. Impulse buyers are ones who make a purchase that they really didn’t need because it was too good of a deal to pass up or the sale price was excellent.

Cater to the Window Shoppers


The use of comparison shopping engines will allow the users on the site to click up items that are similar in nature and compare them side by side. The list of features, the price and the availability can all be compared on one screen and a fast decision can be made then. The window shopper suddenly saw how good one of the deals was and decided that they could not live without it and clicked on the buy button. The easier it is for a potential consumer to compare the products, the faster they can make a decision, which then leads to a purchase.

Easy Money        

The easier the website is where you display the products, the more money can be made. The fast pace of living is an asset in this case, because if a price is decent and the process only takes a click or two, then an impulse buy will happen much quicker than if there was a complicated process to follow. To get the easy to use website might cost a bit of money upfront though. Spend money on a web developer that can create a storefront that requires very little clicking in order for a person to purchase a product. The less clicks they have to make before entering n credit card information, the more convenient their shopping experience will be and the more likely they will be to return in the future and buy more because it was such as fast and easy process.


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  11. Rishabh Bajpai says

    I’m going to Japan at the end of December and I’m wondering exactly what the shopping is much like there.

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