7 Tools to generator business names

  1 NameFind NameFind is a very comprehensive tool that, in reality, it is a domain search engine, but also can be used as names for companies generator, and enter a word that starts abuscar the availability of domains and social networks. From one we can see if our future is free domain brand and […]

3 Reasons Why You Might Need SSH Hosting Access

SSH is an advanced tool your hosting provider offers on your websites cPanel control. However, to use it you must enable it on the server account but also download an interface application to your computer. SSH can be an essential tool for businesses that need high security levels, the ability to copy or make secure […]

Make Yourself DUI Proof

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have some major repercussions for one’s life.  Putting aside the most severe elements of an accident and loss of life and/or property, a DUI infraction can seriously affect your personal and business reputation.  Higher insurance rates and loss of driving privileges are the minimum one can expect.  A DUI […]

Monetizing Your Website: Affiliate Marketing or Pay Per Click?

You’ve got a good ranking in the search engine. You’ve got traffic. Now what? You need sales. A website without sales is kind of like peanut butter without jelly. Something’s missing. That something is money. It won’t take long before you chew through your bandwidth and the server costs become a headache. While you technically […]

Useful Gadgets for Modern Farmers

Introduction With today’s ever changing technology, farmers have more tools than ever to help them excel at the trade. Gone are the days of drudging out a living using outdated tools and equipment. With the rise of high powered tools, safety technology, and mobile applications, farmers can make modern technology work for them. The following gadgets have […]