Worst Smartphone Disasters


Think that chip on the corner of your smartphone is bad? You haven’t seen anything yet. Take a look at this gallery of mishaps and you’ll see that being “rough on things” can reach an entirely new level. Have you ever dropped your phone and gasped with fear, breath caught in your chest as you […]

Beware of Fake Android Apps

Privacy issues are major concerns of cell phone users, especially the smartphone users. With constant growth and innovation in cell phone technology, hackers have also brushed up their skills and have been persistent in penetrating PCs and smartphone with malicious malware including spy and tracking software. With bombardment of various cell phone spy software and cell phone […]

Control Your Smartphone with a Glance of the Eye

Technology advances at such a swift pace in the 21st century that when something new comes out, it is rendered almost irrelevant within months if not weeks. Even when we think we are looking at a great leap forward, some group or company comes along and shows us that even the best can be improved a […]

How to Monitor the Activities of Any Smartphone User?

Whenever one talks about mobile phones especially smartphones, a picture of gadget with a plethora of applications creeps into the mind. Whosoever uses these smartphones loves these phones because of technology, privacy and availability of handy applications that make life easier. The owners of these phones feel a bit torn if they are not around […]

Top Best VOIP Apps For your Smartphone

Hey guys, as you all know that smart phones with that video chatting feature is the best you ever need and so VOIP is yet the best developments which allow us to video chat with friends and family. You must be aware of Skype, which is yet another VOIP Application that helps video chatting with […]

Smartphones and the lack of built-in Parental Control Software

Cell spy apps are the latest innovation in parental control software. With children using smartphones in increasing numbers, a new demand for parental control software on smartphones has emerged. Many software houses are catering to this newly emerging market with StealthGenie currently holding the lead. Let’s examine why this is the case. Compatibility StealthGenie is […]

Smartphone Patent Helps Reduce Traffic Accidents, Relieve Congestion

Smartphones On A Quest To Help Us Reduce Traffic Accidents. Earlier this year, there was a patent application for an invention that hopefully will help us drive better, reduce car accidents and improve overall traffic conditions, perhaps using again, our wonderful Smartphone. This invention uses the popular GPS System to help route traffic and improve […]