Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Review

The Samsung galaxy S4 is finally here. Everybody was waiting to see the new smartphone from Samsung and the wait is over.  The day that this gadget was officially announced to the public, it was definitely clear that smartphones like HTC, Sony Xpera Z, iPhone and others have a meaty competition. This is a full review of […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Can Be Customized With New ROM

Samsung galaxy smart phones are probably the most famous series of smart phones. One can see that they are very active in all the segments of the market and do not just let their old phones to rest in peace after a span of time. The galaxy Ace is one phone from Samsung which is […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Tips and Tricks

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus landed in Indian Mobile Technology Market with some juicy facts but an average user of Samsung Galaxy Nexus is not aware about some hidden features of this device. In this article, we will let you know about three superb facts of Samsung Galaxy Nexus that are not uncovered yet. I hope that […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Features

Samsung Galaxy SIII Review

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini is the lower range version of the hugely popular Samsung flagship phone in the name of Galaxy S3. The slimmed down version of the smart phone is a good one for the middle budget consumers, the support for the carrier band is superb and the phone can operate at a […]