Have Cell Phones Negatively Affected Our Private Lives?

Cell phones have obviously brought many benefits to our lives, but some people would argue that non-stop availability has diminished our sense of privacy and lessened our sense of personal space. Next time you are at a restaurant for lunch or dinner take a quick glance around the room at the other patrons.  How many of […]

The Best Mobile Applications to Monitor the Stock Market

The impact that cloud-based mobile technology has had on stock trading in the past few years is difficult to overstate. Nowadays, investors can keep tabs on the smallest changes in stock prices in real time from any location. While there are many promising apps to choose from, only a handful really deliver the kind of performance that […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Full Review

The Samsung galaxy S4 is finally here. Everybody was waiting to see the new smartphone from Samsung and the wait is over.  The day that this gadget was officially announced to the public, it was definitely clear that smartphones like HTC, Sony Xpera Z, iPhone and others have a meaty competition. This is a full review of […]

Blackberry Z 10 Full Review

Many people have asked for blackberry Z 10 full review; well, the wait is over. Below is the full review of the smartphone. Physical design 1.       No home button The key decision highly depends on the application or OS the phone is using. When you see and look through the smartphone, you will see that it […]

Apps That Track Your Health

It has long been shown that tracking your progress is one of the most effective ways to stay on track with a diet or exercise regimen. Thankfully, there is now an assortment of health apps that can help you do just that with ease. With all the choices available it should be easy to find […]