Why You Should Invest in a DSLR Camera

Are you a blogger who regularly utilizes photographs on your blog? If so then you need to decide one thing now: is your aim to be a professional blogger or just an amateur? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with maintaining a fun blog that’s just for you, your family, and friends. If, however, you wish to […]

Nexus 4 Accessories: View of the wireless charging station

Google has announced last Monday its new flagship Nexus Nexus 4, a feature of the device, however, is a little lost. When this is the wireless charging option that is set to the same induction technology, as Nokia uses it, for example, in his new Lumia models. The Nexus-4-accessories is not yet listed on Google Play, The […]

Best Cell Phones with 8MP Camera or Above

8MP Camera or Above

Do you know that a majority of the smartphone buyers are inclined to take a close look at the camera before they buy? The camera quality is surprisingly the most sought after quality of a smartphone. The most impressive step forward was taken when the smartphones began coming out with dedicated image processors for better […]