What Did Apple Didn’t Tell Us About The iPhone 5’s Screen

iphone 5

The sleeker and even more gorgeous Apple iPhone 5 comes with much more advanced display on which it has been working on several years. In the previous range of iPhones the touch sensor and the glass of the display were separately incorporated in the phone. But in the endeavor to make it much more sleeker […]

iPhone 5: All About the Apple A6 Chip

Apple A6 Chip

After a long wait, finally the Apple iPhone 5 has been released upon the world, and we’re all the better for it. On top of a bigger retina display, an improved operating system and an 8MP camera, the iPhone 5 also features a new processor, designed to compete with the quad-core chips inside the latest […]

iPhone: My Phone, My Life


After a long and heavy contemplation, I have finally decided to get rid of my mobile phone from the dark ages and get a better one. I chose the iPhone and it was with a heavy heart when I started shedding off a couple of bucks to pay for the sensational iOS device. But the […]