The social pressure of up-grading your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you know what I mean by the feeling of having the world in your hands? With the variety of apps and latest technical advances, the iPhone performs in more ways than one and it’s without doubt that we’ve become heavily reliant upon them (personally, I couldn’t last a day in […]

Tips on Saving the Battery of Your Favorite iPhone

Whether you are a new iPhone user or have been using it for many years now, then you must have fallen in love with this phone within the few days of using it. You must have discovered the power of these phones, and the fun that you get by using the iPhone, cannot be matched […]

10 Cases for Your New iPhone 5 – You Must Know it

The New iPhone 5 is indeed loaded with extra features which are not found in the former iPhone 4 and other models. It’s indeed a veritable device that can put the globe on your hands. If you have this new mobile device, you’ve got to get it properly protected. You need to locate a good […]

What does the iPhone 5 mean for gaming?

The recent launch of the iPhone 5 has been, somewhat predictably, surrounded by excitement and anticipation of what the next generation of Apple products will bring to the fold in the world of handheld devices. What wasn’t quite as expected was the launch of a corresponding new operating system, simply titled iOS 6. The Operating […]