Top 4 iPhone Music Apps for Your Car

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If you’re sick of listening to the same old boring songs played over and over again on your local radio station on your way to work or on a good old fashioned road-trip, these top 4 music apps for the iPhone have got you covered in terms of functionality, music, style and of course safety […]

Airplane Mode – Why does the power need to be off on all devices?

Airplanes And Computers Pictures

Why do all electronic gadgets have to be turned off during takeoff and landing? Anyone who has flown using airplane is familiar with the rule of switching off any electronic gadget before landing and takeoff. To many people, this sounds very silly or superfluous. Some people even become furious by just the mention switching of […]

iPhone 5 Complete Review

iphone 5

This iPhone 5 review tells you all about the iPhone 5: new features, performance and improvements over the iPhone 4S. In this post, you read iPhone 5 review everything about the larger 4-inch screen, the faster A6 processor and the new Maps application. Of course you get into this iPhone 5 test an honest answer to […]

Top 10 Gadgets for Young Professionals

Why should you have smartphone

In college, you didn’t need to read the smartphone and tablet reviews to decide what gadgets to buy. Chances are, you didn’t own a tablet, and a cell phone sufficed for text messaging your friends and sending the occasional tweet. For Facebook, you used your laptop in between doing research for term papers. In the […]

Top Five Photography Apps for iPhone

 Image courtesy of jesus-leon (via Flickr)   The iPhone series (from iPhone 4 up to the iPhone 5) is, virtually, a powerful supercomputer in your pocket capable of performing hundreds of different tasks. One of its best features is the powerful camera, producing images to rival some of the best compact cameras on the market. […]

The social pressure of up-grading your iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you know what I mean by the feeling of having the world in your hands? With the variety of apps and latest technical advances, the iPhone performs in more ways than one and it’s without doubt that we’ve become heavily reliant upon them (personally, I couldn’t last a day in […]

Tips on Saving the Battery of Your Favorite iPhone

Whether you are a new iPhone user or have been using it for many years now, then you must have fallen in love with this phone within the few days of using it. You must have discovered the power of these phones, and the fun that you get by using the iPhone, cannot be matched […]

Smart Legal Apps for The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 made its debut in September 2012 and millions of US consumers ran out and bought this latest model in droves. With each new iPhone model release, apps get a bump in action and many new apps are then released. Whether you seek a legal app because you’re a brand spanking newly appointed […]

10 Cases for Your New iPhone 5 – You Must Know it

The New iPhone 5 is indeed loaded with extra features which are not found in the former iPhone 4 and other models. It’s indeed a veritable device that can put the globe on your hands. If you have this new mobile device, you’ve got to get it properly protected. You need to locate a good […]