Alternatives of PowerPoint for iPad

Microsoft has been making diligent efforts to launch the Office applications on the IOS platform which can happen any time soon. But since, the decision regarding this has not been made, so users have to depend on the other alternatives. There are an ample of apps which act as a super alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint […]

Airplane Mode – Why does the power need to be off on all devices?

Airplanes And Computers Pictures

Why do all electronic gadgets have to be turned off during takeoff and landing? Anyone who has flown using airplane is familiar with the rule of switching off any electronic gadget before landing and takeoff. To many people, this sounds very silly or superfluous. Some people even become furious by just the mention switching of […]

Smart Legal Apps for The iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 made its debut in September 2012 and millions of US consumers ran out and bought this latest model in droves. With each new iPhone model release, apps get a bump in action and many new apps are then released. Whether you seek a legal app because you’re a brand spanking newly appointed […]

How the iPad can Save on Luggage Space

These days, almost all of us have benefitted from time to time from the availability of cheap air travel. Many of the fares offered by budget airlines have been nothing short of breath-taking, especially in the midst of the recent worldwide recession. Having said that, one of the ways these carriers are able to claw […]

Buying an iPad Case? How to Choose One Wisely!

The iPad is a wonderful gadget. It is the best tablet there is, period. It has to be. It is from the house of Apple. Point taken and agreed! In that case there is every reason for you to keep it safe in an iPad Case. In fact as compared to the iPhone, iPad is […]

Why Android 4.1 Is Better Than iOS From Apple?

Google has recently announced the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which is seen by many experts as the next big thing in the world of Android. Although there are only a number of optimizations and features which are introduced in the system, there are no major changes or functionality that is introduced here. The Android 4.1 […]

The 5 iPad Alternatives in Cost Wise

iPad Alternatives

There is no arguing that apple’s iPad is one of the most desirable internet tables on the market now. However, this being the case, it does not mean that everyone wants to buy it. In other words, not everybody wants to buy this iPad because it is too expensive. There are other iPad alternatives that […]

Five Reasons Why the iPad 2 is the Best Thing to Hit the Stores All Year

Each year, several new technology products hit shelves across the world.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and many different features.  It seems that there is always something new and exciting which consumers will have to wade to in order decide if it was really worth the buy at all.  Among the sea of […]

Top 3 Reasons to Choose iPad 3, What You Need to Know

Retina screen & Battery life

It has been almost a year for the iPad 2 and we are already having news around us on the next generation iPad i.e., the iPad 3. In this post, I’ll round up nearly all the reports till now and possible 3 reasons to choose iPad 3. So, with almost no further excitement we will […]