The Best GPS Navigation Systems for RV Owners

RV owners enjoy traveling the open roads and visiting new places. Frequently traveling to unfamiliar areas, they have special requirements of their GPS systems.  Unlike a regular car, there are places an RV cannot go, so owners need systems that will direct them around construction, low bridges and other tight areas.  Additionally, it’s nice to […]

Must-Have Gadgets for Travel Agents

Working as a travel agent is fast paced, competitive, and highly demanding. In order to book clients and make sales, agents must be able to paint a picture of the destination, adapt to client needs, and handle arrangements on the go. Providing excellent service with flexibility will seal the deal with clients, but today’s travel […]

Make Yourself DUI Proof

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can have some major repercussions for one’s life.  Putting aside the most severe elements of an accident and loss of life and/or property, a DUI infraction can seriously affect your personal and business reputation.  Higher insurance rates and loss of driving privileges are the minimum one can expect.  A DUI […]