Using Digital Signatures in the Digital World

We all have heard about the e signature. This e signature is not but the computerized form of putting your own signature. The people who are behind the successful invention of the e signature are none other than the Silanis. Silanis is one name which is synonym to trust, loyalty, guarantee, reliability, and so on […]

3 Reasons Your Home Office Needs a Kanex HDMI

You’ve set up your home office so that it’s as professional as possible, including audio visual equipment.  You made the investment in a high quality sound system, with visuals clearly displayed on a large screen. The next step is to connect everything together through high definition multimedia interface — HDMI HDMI Defined With old school […]

5 Inexpensive Digital Cameras for Happening Shots

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are now ruling the photography market. With so many brands and quality of digital cameras across the market, you may be in a fuss while selecting a camera for your own. Features, performance and image qualities are the decisive factors while purchasing a digital camera. Snapshots are always memorable, they are the glimpses […]

Smartphones vs Digital Cameras


If I had a pound for every time I was asked “what’s the technical difference between a smartphone digital camera and dedicated digital cameras?”, and 50p for the supplementary questions; “which should I choose?” and “what works best in different situations?”, I’d be able to afford the top of the range in both! Of course […]