5 Good Reasons to Buy Google Nexus 10

After success of Nexus 7 – the first Google Nexus tablet, Nexus 10 got announced in October 2012 and released in November 2012. They claim it as the world’s highest resolution tablet display. It comes in two storage capacities – 16 and 32 GB at $399 and $499 respectively. It is one of the best […]

Samsung Galaxy Ace Can Be Customized With New ROM

Samsung galaxy smart phones are probably the most famous series of smart phones. One can see that they are very active in all the segments of the market and do not just let their old phones to rest in peace after a span of time. The galaxy Ace is one phone from Samsung which is […]

Beware of Fake Android Apps

Privacy issues are major concerns of cell phone users, especially the smartphone users. With constant growth and innovation in cell phone technology, hackers have also brushed up their skills and have been persistent in penetrating PCs and smartphone with malicious malware including spy and tracking software. With bombardment of various cell phone spy software and cell phone […]

Top 5 Music Apps For Android

Android phones have become the latest buzz and the trend out there. As the popularity is increasing, even the technology is also evolving to give more power to the device. Now the android devices are not just phones for communication, they have become the complete solution for your entertainment.  Lately people are using Android phones […]

Choosing the right android applications

Developers are forever developing newer android compatible applications each and every day. In such a scenario the smart phone users have numerous options to choose from.  Whether one is looking to upgrade their existing device, make it more users friendly or add to the overall experience, there are ways to do that. Many of these […]