Blackberry Z 10 Full Review

cr 6c30ded17dbf90658a0b209bad0ad816 Z 10 BlackberryMany people have asked for blackberry Z 10 full review; well, the wait is over. Below is the full review of the smartphone.

Physical design

1.       No home button

The key decision highly depends on the application or OS the phone is using. When you see and look through the smartphone, you will see that it doesn’t have a home button. However, you can go to the phone’s home page by swapping your finger through the screen from the bottom corner of the screen to the upper corner of your screen.

This system is cleverly designed and unique.

2.       Soft touch back side

The cover design and texture is another thing. The backside of blackberry Z 10 has been made from a semi-rubber. This designed has been used before by the company but in this case, it has been given a woody pattern.

This soft touch is a special coating that does not only make the phone attractable, but also provides a good grip and silky touch.

3.       The shape

If you though the physical buttons on Samsung smartphone  felt cheap or the apple’s iPhone smartphone being too bland, then you would really appreciate the RIM’s control of the phone, Especially the volume control button and media playback.

The volume buttons have a slight notch on one side, and the play/pause button has a small upraised piece. Remember all this is done by touch.

4.       Font

Blackberry Z 10 uses a font called Slate. This font was designed by Canadian Rod McDonald. The designer of the phone wood says that he selected Slate for its legibility. When reviewing the phone, you will see that the phone really works for screen and print.

Because the phone runs on high-res display, you will get really accurate letterforms. Remember a great font design improves productivity.

5.       The red LED

We all know blackberry phones with their trade mark. The red LED light that lights when it indicates missed calls and unread messages or any time when you are talking with the phone.

The software design

1.       Camera

A majority of people know and have heard of this phone because of its camera. It has a unique software or application that is not used by other smartphones. The app provides a chance for its users to edit captured images like closing eyes. Moreover, it offers image clarity to its users.

2.       Screen

The screen is very sensitive and it is has high-res display. This makes it easy to select any app or operate the phone.

3.       Media player

Like other smartphones, this phone equally has a media player and a video player. Moreover, the play has the ability to play some apps that runs on android phone.

4.       Battery life

The phone has a 21000mp battery’s life. This means that the phone has the ability to last long even if you are using.

5.       Predictive keyboard

Blackberry has decided to move from the normal keyboard to touch keyboard. The touch screen is sensitive and makes it easy to operate and use.

6.       Voice command

Blackberry 10 has been placed with a voice command app. This app has the ability to launch apps and work them as well.

7.       Blackberry messenger

The phone has a blackberry messenger which is very popular. Moreover, this messenger has the ability to support video support which depends on the network or the Wi-Fi connection.



It is clear that the above points or reviews are greater making the phone to be one of the best smartphones around. Hopefully this article has been helpful to you. If you have any comment, kindly do it on the comment section.

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