Aware and Predictive New App – MemorizeIt!

MemorizeIt! is an app which is aware and predictive. It will guess the what, who, where, when and how much of any repetitive action is done. These actions are done very quickly and they are easy to memorize and remember the details of some one’s life.


The goal of the founder David K’shin Gendron’s is enabling the users to keep track of their activities without any interruption. MemorizeIt! is a technology built in super phones to find out where and when the user is, so that it can compare the data with the most likely match and present that with the previously entered memos to the user to check and memorize.

When you go to your favourite restaurant open up MemorizeIt! and it will automatically fill in the category such as last time when you were out for dinner, who you were with last time, the name of the restaurant, how much did you spend before and many other similar details that were memorized in the past. Adjust it according to your situation, tap MemorizeIt! With this you can memorize another happening in few seconds; even you can share it to Twitter or Facebook at the same time.

The users can simply memorize the things they like relating to their lives in their own language. They can keep these things private or share any of them as per their wish by using the four sections of the app:

  • TrackIt: To keep track of actions such as how much one weighs or filling up with gas.
  • TimeIt: To keep track of action that are repetitive such as how long one’s workout is or how long a babysitter is there.
  • NoteIt: To remember something for later, the user can categorized to match the different sections or can be used for complex lists
  • ListIt: This is suitable repetitive lists such as shopping lists, as it’s very easy to tap what’s been added earlier and can be used for simple list that has to be marked as done.

Features of the app include:

  • App is aware and Predictive! Of our activities.
  • It helps to maintain multiple accounts on one device to track your whole family’s activities.
  • On any device you can anytime, anywhere can memorize, edit memos and take notes.
  • If there is not internet you can work offline.
  • By clicking on the twitter bird next to the MemorizeIt! You can to Twitter or Facebook if you clearly tell it to do. This action can be done only if you are connected to Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can dynamically create photo albums. So whenever you search for a name/word you’ll find each and every photo from a memo that consists of similar name or word.
  • It is interactive so that you can get directions through satellite and see the map of where are when you entered the Memo.

Device requirements:

  • Requires iOS 4.3 or Android 2.1 and up.
  • Android phones, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and tablets along with Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Respectively size: 1.5 & 1.3 MB

Pricing and availability:

MemorizeIt! App is available for free currently worldwide in the Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App store, as well as a Web App.

Average rating: 3.8

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