Common Computer Issues You Can Fix Yourself

No matter how new your software is, or how sturdy your hardware may be, you might still find yourself with computer problems that leave you frustrated and at a loss for words. Though you may be irritated, you won’t always need the help of a trained technician, as there are plenty of common computer problems […]

The Top iPhone Medical Apps for Healthcare Professionals

The iPhone’s ease of use and huge collection of quality apps available on the iTunes App Store make it one of the most popular brands of smart phones. The medical apps are absolutely essential for individuals who work in the healthcare profession. These apps serve a variety of purposes, but the one thing they all […]

The Future of Credit Card Technology

Credit cards as we know them may be going away forever. As hard as that may be for some people to believe, there is new technology that is quickly making traditional credit cards obsolete. It is very possible that in the future, your phone could also be used as your credit card. No matter what […]

The Best Apps for Real Estate Investors

While there are cities still recovering from the burst of the real estate bubble in 2007, bidding wars for apartments in hot markets like New York, D.C., and Portland are an intensifying phenomenon. An April article on the Fox Business website shows that the value of homes in the United States is up 5.1 percent. […]

Tools and Instruments Used by Gemologists

Gemologists need to have the right tools of the trade to be able to determine everything from the authenticity of a gem to the identification of a specific stone. The tools a gemologist uses are often used for research as well as retail purposes when trying to assign a value to a particular stone. Some […]