Apps That Track Your Health

It has long been shown that tracking your progress is one of the most effective ways to stay on track with a diet or exercise regimen. Thankfully, there is now an assortment of health apps that can help you do just that with ease. With all the choices available it should be easy to find an app that suits your exact needs.



This app is essential for runners, cyclers and anyone else who enjoys getting their exercise outside. With this app you can map out your routes, as well as look up new ones. Beyond this helpful tool, MapMyFitness is also a competent food logger and workout tracker.

Sleep Cycle

No healthy lifestyle is complete without a healthy sleeping schedule. Sleep Cycle is an app that will help you do just that. This app will use your iPhone’s accelerometer to track your movement and figure out which part of your sleep cycle you are in. The alarm will go off based on when you actually fall asleep, guaranteeing that it will wake you up during a lighter sleep cycle.


This app features some impressive technology. By using the front-facing camera of your iPhone to measure changes in the color of your face this app can tell you what your heart rate is. It allows you to view charts that record the data over time, compare yourself to the national average and get a fitness evaluation based on your heart rate. This app is useful for those looking to ramp up their heart rate to the perfect fat-burning range during cardio.

Lose It!

When it comes to food loggers, Lose It! is one of the most detailed around. It has an extensive and simple to use database of food and exercise. If you want to add a packaged food product to your log, you can use the bar code scanning feature to add it in seconds. In addition to monitoring your calorie intake, this app also records calories burned during exercise. When you need to add a food or exercise to the database, it is simple to add a custom entry.


This popular app lets you track all aspects of your outdoor sports including distance and time. What separates it from the majority of apps is that it has a robust social component as well. Using these features you can do things such as compete against a friend’s time or look at the newsfeed to see what they have been up to.

With the seemingly endless list of handy apps for health organization, motivation and tracking there is no excuse not to start getting in shape now. When the process is this streamlined it is actually a pleasure to embark on the normally difficult path to healthy living.

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