A Review of Med-Q

Taking medicine and vitamins everyday can be an exhausting and frustrating process. While it’s not difficult to swallow each one with a glass of water, remembering which one you have taken on which day can be a nightmare, conjuring up fears of forgetting or taking too many. Fortunately, there’s a simple system that can easily house all of your vitamins and medicine in one easy container. Med-Q provides a daily schedule to ensure that you are taking just the right amount.

Ease of Access

Med-Q provides pill takers an easy plastic container to fill for the rest of the week. Each day is represented by a different plastic rut, with the week starting on Sunday. Fill each individual pocket with the correct amount of vitamins or medicine, and don’t worry about it for the rest of the week. All you need to do is check the Med-Q device once a day, alerting you to whether or not you have already taken your daily dose.

If you are required to take your pills at a specific time, the Med-Q can help you with that as well. Fully equipped with a timer, sounds, and lights, an alarm can be set to any time you would like. Once that time arrives, the Med-Q will chime up with a gentle alarm and flashing lights to remind you that it’s time to take your medicine.

For those with fumbling fingers, the Med-Q offers plastic pockets that are big enough for even the most unsteady of hands to gather medicine. There’s no reason to worry about your medicine getting stuck in a hard to reach place.

Easy to See

Another great aspect of the Med-Q is the font and size of numbers printed on the device. Shown large font, it’s easy to see the letters and numbers that appear on the days or on the clock. There’s no need to squint with the Med-Q, as it will tell you plainly and clearly when it’s time to take your meds.

Double the Dose

The ergonomic design of the Med-Q is a boon, but it also allows users to remind themselves to take their medicine up to twice a day. Each side of the device is occupied by plastic pockets, and the user can set an alarm to go off twice in one day. If a dose is only required daily, then the owner of the device can use it as a two-week system, only needing to refill their Med-Q twice a month.

Another Reminder

The only thing a user of the Med-Q needs to remember is to replace the batteries. While the two AA batteries should last a while, it’s important to replace them at reasonable intervals in order to ensure that the Med-Q is doing its job properly. Checking them once every few weeks, or even once a month should be enough to keep this brilliant device working properly.

No Need to Remember

If you’re someone who needs to take pills everyday, the Med-Q promises a convenient device that will ensure you no longer forget to take your daily dose.




Jacob Richmond is a freelance writer based in Oakland, CA. In addition to medical gadgetry, Jacob writes on technology, computer science, the tech industry, cell phones and other related topics; to view other medical devices check out the assisted living software from a reputable outfit.

Image credit goes to WealthOfHealth4.

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