5 Great Finance Apps For Your Android

The Android phone hit the mobile industry with a bang and has much to boast over its competitors. One fact about this phone is that it is not an actual phone but the operating system that runs on one. A phone with the Android OS has many features, some duplicate on the apple series but other completely unique.

With the Android phone, the integration of apps is simply superb. You get to utilize numerous features that were not accessible in the past. Try Flash or Google voice on an Android and an iPhone, and then compare the results. The Android offers you better navigation and there are little chances you will dial the wrong number when using Google voice. The transition between application on the same phone and features is seamless allowing you to access your contacts and messages when using an app.

This super application performance makes the Android phone perfect for financial applications. Some financial apps are simple whereas others are complex but as a user, you simply want to function with ease. The user interactivity and ease makes the Android advantageous making you use some of these applications for larger things other than your account such as your business and your investments.

1.       IntuitGoPayment

Credit cards have become even easier to use. Using this application you can accept debit cards, credit cards and even checks. All you need to do is type in the relevant information as guided, then tap on the charge button. With the tap of your finger or click of the button, the transaction is reflected immediately on your bank account.

If you run a store or are setting up shop, just get your employees Android phones, get the application and run your business. The Gopayment account is versatile allowing you to add up to 50 persons at a time. This app is free so start downloading it on your Android right now.

2.       Mobile Merchant Pro

Few applications are fully compatible with the popular PayPal but this one is. It integrates with PayPal and Autorize.net for payments.  It allows you to accept credit cards from all major companies. The process of transacting is simple. Take the credit card from the client, enter the information, click or tap charge and you are done. It is that simple and will not take you even a minute. This application does not charge you any transaction fess but you will incur the gateway fees for the PayPal and Authorize.net.

3.       Mint.com

This is probably the most popular and versatile financial application available. It is compatible with both Androids and iPhone and free to obtain. The greatest disadvantage of ecommerce and mobile banking is the security. The designers of this application got the hint and made security their strong point. It is one of the safest mobile application and efficient.

It is likened to eBay with its fast and real time updates. It enables you to check your accounts, credit card statements and investments. It is easy to fall in love with how well it not only updates your transactions but also categorizes each spending into a specific budget category.

4.       ROAMpay

One of the applications with versatile tools allowing you to enter your transactions even when offline. The best way to keep up with transactions is accurately record them immediately they occur. Even if you are online, you enter all the necessary details. It will store them for you than upload them as soon as you get back online.

You do not have to worry about your location with ROAMpay; it literally allows you to roam the world. It however is not free and will cost you approximately 3 US dollars, a cost too little for allowing you to track search and email receipts, handle your refunds, swipe credit cards and gain real time information. You will also incur usage fees monthly and minimal transaction cuts.

5.       Merchant On The Go

It is a robust application that allows you to accept credit cards and even print out receipts. It captures a customer’s signature, and allows you to type in credit card information or swipe the card. It works with its receipt printer and card swipe all from Merchant On The Go. This application is only applicable to a Primary Merchant Solutions account holder. You get the account at about 25 US dollars monthly and you will incur transaction cut for both a swiped card and entered information with the latter being more expensive.

Nick Thomas is a finance expert and blogger with http://www.debtconsolidation.com.au. Nick enjoys writing posts on personal finance topics and loves using technology to manage finances.

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