5 Good Reasons to Buy Google Nexus 10

After success of Nexus 7 – the first Google Nexus tablet, Nexus 10 got announced in October 2012 and released in November 2012. They claim it as the world’s highest resolution tablet display. It comes in two storage capacities – 16 and 32 GB at $399 and $499 respectively. It is one of the best Android tablets on the market and it certainly gives Apple’s high-priced iPad 4 a run for its market and money. Here are top 5 reasons to buy Google Nexus 10 at your service;

Best Screen on any Android tablet

Nexus 10 has got plane-to-line switching screen which is a true clarity winner. With its 10 inches screen it provides largest viewable area than any other tablet or even iPad. Games optimized for the display, however, are obviously sharper on the Nexus 10. Nexus 10 comes with over 300 pixels per inch, besting the iPad’s 264 pixels per inch. What that means is the Nexus 10 will theoretically deliver better video and image quality than Apple’s option. So enjoy more of a web page or enjoy better videos on a bigger screen.

Low cost

Of course when compared to iPad cost of Google Nexus 10 ($399) is ridiculously attractive. Who won’t save $100 when it is hard earned money?

Good Performance

I won’t fake it when I say Nexus 10 is the fastest Android tablet. Navigate menus, open or switch apps and yourself experience the speed. In new Nexus 10 the screen responsiveness has been fine-tuned to razor-sharp accuracy. You can scroll pages by just swiping your finger, taps are synchronized. The flat design and wider aspect ratio makes typing easier and effective. Another thing which is good is MIMO Wi-Fi connectivity; the multiple-input, multiple-output Wi-Fi built into the Nexus 10 is amazing. The tablet can handle more bandwidth throughput than customers would typically find on a wireless-G network and it does that with wireless-N support.

If you are in love with default version of Android

There are people who prefer and enjoy most the default version of Android operating system. Nexus 10 is a perfect choice for them. Nexus 10 runs the standard Android 4.2(Jelly Bean) and has improved interface with multiple user support. So if you don’t want any mutation introduced in your tablet OS then Nexus 10 is best.

Google connection

Android as we all know is a fantastic OS from Google and Google has its own wide spread market due to its services and apps. Nexus 10 takes the advantage of having built-in support for everything from Gmail to Google’s eBook marketplace. Moreover, Google play store is growing every day and future seems bright. It is a definite plus for all Google devotees.

These are just few branches from the big tree of nice features of Google Nexus 10. You will surely notice more once you experience the treat.

Nancy Rorie is a tech blogger from Las Vegas who writes about latest android tablet pcs and mobile phones.

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  2. Sir fliesalot says

    Heey people,

    Considering purchasing a brand new android phone and I am stuck between both of these fine models Htc Incredible s & Google Nexus s. From curiosity I’m wondering which you’d pick? If training regimen grounds that do well and when you want a particular android phone do tell too?

    Oh and please no Apple fans/women saying to wait for apple iphone 5 blah blah, I’m not going one. And for your matter any apple iphone, I’m not going.

    Taah :]

  3. stealspartansbcglobalnet says

    Im a android guy and election for that nexus. I had been a apple iphone guy but when you decide to go android ( top end ones) you may never return. Plz learn about tech before you decide to answer

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  6. dealy says

    hey , so i’m wondering basically is deserving of the nexus 7 or even the ipod device touch 5g , i’m who owns an lengthy lasting , lately destroyed ipod device touch 4g , that we loved , as well as for in regards to a little within year , was my only electronic. it had been my laptop , music player , well , essentially everything except tv , then once it broke i purchased the 16 gb nexus 7. now immediately , i fell deeply in love with android , i really like the personalization , but actually , i’m able to discover the score to a game title jiust by referring to ios , and so i guess icons arent a neccesity , while nice. I had been happy using the 7 inch sceen around the nexus though , it had been a great size for web surfing , and sufficiently small for mp3 playing , and to slot in my pockets. now a large factor for me personally , may be the camera, the coming year im entering public school for brand spanking new in highschool , and that i would be a little concerned about maybe breaking out a large tablet before everybody , being an ipod device i possibly could discretely devote my pocket simpler , and perhaps rapidly get time , as well as for individuals reached get moments , the ipod device is much better as it features a nice rear camera and it is more compact. what exactly must i get? storage isn’t a problem as 16 and 32 gigs will fit me fine. Additionally , i’ve about 50 dollars committed to apple application store , and 25 in the search engines play , although google play i acquired about 15 from the 50 dollars i allocated to my ipod device free of charge , because they have moe free games. so that ought to i recieve? please give descriptive reasons , and ipad small , has run out of question ( unless of course obviously you allow us a good detailed reason. ) thanks greatly , and finest answer , as always , will get 10 points.

    additionally , although nexus 7 includes a more poweful proccesor , within my time using the ipod device , it’s faster ,and softer.

  7. clntvrrt says

    I am obtaining a tablet of some kind for Christmas I simply have no idea what type yet. I selected between ipad two or three, google nexus, and Samsung universe tab. I am only 13 and that i use my ipod device alot! Let me know which will improve your speed and hold better battery as well as for games an online and stuff. just let me know which is much better and why.

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