5 Apps for Medical Billing and Insurance Students and Workers

Healthcare is one of the widest and fastest growing sectors in the country. More and more high school students are turning to a career in the medical billing industry because they know that the job outlook is relatively stable compared to other areas. Whether you are a student looking for help on your educational path, or you are already an employee, these apps can be extremely useful when you are in the medical billing division.

Diagnosis Codes App

The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, or ICD9, is available for $3.99. It is the system in which procedures and diagnoses are assigned with codes so that hospitals all across the world can use them. The app provides a classification system for all therapeutic, diagnostic and surgical procedures, a tabular list of all codes and an alphabetical index to each disease.

Procedure Codes App

The Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) was created as a standardized system for describing the services and items administered in the healthcare sector. This type of coding is mandatory for those working in health insurance programs, including Medicaid and Medicare, to make sure that all insurance claims are processed consistently and in an orderly fashion. The app costs $1.99 and provides access to all levels of coding. It features a powerful search function in which the user can locate a procedure by description or its code name. You can also set codes as “favorites,” and see valid and invalid codes by green and red images, respectively.

Terminology App

This app, available for only $0.99, is useful for students learning medical billing terminology, or for employees who are returning to the workforce after a sabbatical. The app features abbreviations for all terms and includes a dictionary, flash cards and over 240 multiple choice quizzes. It is the perfect way to study because it is so easy to use; the only complex part of this app is the real terminology. The quizzes will show you the correct answer if you answer a question incorrectly. The dictionary allows you to research terms, and the term-by-term flash cards provide an effective way to study for tests.

Anatomy App

This app is based on of one of the best-selling anatomy books for students and costs $74.99. The text itself boasts over 1,000 beautifully colored illustrations that help to teach students about anatomy. The book begins with a regional approach that teaches the body in a more logical way, becoming more complex as the text progresses and as the user becomes more familiar with the subject. Contents covered include the abdomen, head and neck, upper limb, lower limb, back, body and thorax, as well as the pelvis and perineum. The app gives users access to the entire text and illustrations, a searchable index and pinch and zoom features. Additionally, users can also save images and add notes to aid them in their studies.

Doctor and Biller Collaboration App

maxRVU is a free app designed to help physicians with their billing needs. The doctor captures the code after the service is rendered or performed, and the app immediately transmits it to the biller. It is only for distribution purposes only, and although it is free, it does require a subscription. Physicians are also able to view notes from their billers, locate hospitals and view patients in that location, choose between inpatient or outpatient procedures and add voice notes to the charges, among other features. Additionally, the app comes with a PIN number for privacy and security, as well as a microphone, camera and GPS to make the tasks that much simpler.

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