3D TV: Future or Fantasy?

Tv LcdSome technological advances are fun and exciting, but despite the best efforts of manufacturers and marketing companies they never catch on. Remember the “MicroCD?” Remember how people said that one day the micro CD would make carrying your music collection no more difficult than carrying a packet of cigarettes? Then along came the iPod and people were carrying around 2,000 albums in a device that was smaller than a packet of cigarettes. There is a lot of excitement about 3D TV because it seems like the next logical step in TV’s evolution, but then again, so did BluRay. Could this be why so few movie producers are creating movies and TV shows that are 3D TV compatible?

Money Matters

We must take the cost of turning movies and TV shows into 3D TV ready programs into account. The fact that only the movies with massive budgets such as Men in Black 3, and the Michael Bay Transformer movies have gone 3D indicates that going 3D is expensive. However, the market will lower the cost of anything that is popular, so maybe 3D TV is just something we are going to have to wait for – a little like in the late 80s when mobile phones were big, unreliable, ugly and very expensive.

Nerds Rule!

The nerds currently rule the world’s cinema, with some of the world’s greatest acting, directing and producing talent putting their efforts into making fantasy movies that have gained multinational success and acclaim. The Avengers movie has a fan base bigger than Michael Jackson’s Thriller album back in the day. The Lord Of The Rings was declared the best fantasy film ever made and has grossed more money than many countries make in a year. Luckily, fantasy films are ideal for 3D TV because many of the CGI effects are easily converted into 3D. Therefore, nerd culture is probably going to bring 3D TVs into the homes of most Americans.

Gamers Represent A Massive Pot Of Gold

The idea of playing games in 3D on a 3D TV has had an excited reception in the gaming community, which is leading many to believe that the only reason it has not hit its peak is through technical problems. The mammoth company Microsoft has invested millions into 3D gaming, but has not yet produced anything usable, besides the innovative byproducts that they integrated into their Microsoft Kinect.

The Power of Gamers

Gaming culture is becoming more powerful as the people who oppose gaming retire, and the people who played games consoles through their youth begin to seize power. Gaming culture is going to offer a very large financial incentive for 3D compatible gaming. If you are dubious about the power of gaming, consider the fact that movies based on games are automatically green-lit for sequels by production companies, even if the movies are terrible (e.g. Silent Hill, Resident Evil, etc). America’s video game industry was worth $68.3 billion in 2012 — and is still growing.

Take The Rough With The Smooth

The high price of 3D TVs and the high cost of producing 3D TV compatible shows and movies have slowed the success of 3D TV. Technical and compatibility problems have slowed 3D TV’s integration into console gaming, and then there are people who simply do not like wearing glasses when watching TV. On the plus side, it seems that 3D TVs are actually excellent 2D TVs, making them a good purchase for anyone wanting a high end 2D TV. Some also do 2D to 3D conversion in real time.

The Conclusion

It seems that the evolution and adoption of 3D TV is more a matter of time, rather than a question of if. The only thing that may halt the progress of 3D TV is the introduction of an alternate technology. Any guesses as to what it will be? Microsoft say it will be holographic technology, Google say it will be interactive interfaces that make 3D TV unmanageable, and since the 80s, IBM has been saying it will be immersive virtual technology (a la the Tron movie). What do you think?

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