GoPro Drops 4% After Reporting Better Than Expected Q1 Profit And Revenue

GoPro made money last quarter, beat on revenue and is still down after hours. The company reported $363.1 million in first-quarter revenue, and net income of $16.75 million, is off 4 percent after regular trading pushed its shares up by the same percentage. Why is it trading down? It isn’t wildly clear, to be frank. […]

Watch A Drone Fall In Love In Pomplamoose’s New Video

Friends of TC, Pomplamoose, just posted a new video that features a lady, a drone and a single rose. The song, Madonna’s Like A Prayer redone in a decidedly jaunty style, is great but the video storyline is greater. You see, in the year 2022 a drone becomes sentient and falls in love with a […]

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is now official

Brittany Hillen If you’re a Five Nights at Freddy’s fan, you’re likely well aware of all the hoopla that happened last week when that blank image — an image of nothing — appeared, hinting (at least many thought) that a new game was going to happen. Such hope was met with good news this evening, […]

Canon acquires Lifecake, a photos app for parents

Brittany Hillen Canon is among the camera companies feeling the squeeze from the proliferation of smartphone cameras, and so perhaps that is one of the reasons behind its new acquisition of Lifecake, the company behind the photo-sharing app for parents by the same name. This move will give Canon another sliver of the mobile pie, […]

Apple Boasts Over 3,500 Apple Watch Apps Already Available

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on today’s company earnings call that there are over 3,500 apps available at launch for the Apple Watch, which is better than the 1,000 total that were ready for iPad when that device launched in April of 2010, and 7 times the 500 apps available when the iPhone’s App Store […]

Best Buy Will Accept Apple Pay In All U.S. Stores Later This Year

Back when Apple Pay was first launched, Best Buy wanted none of it. As a part of the MCX consortium, they were a part of an effort among retailers to build a mobile payments system of their own: CurrentC. It seems Best Buy has changed its mind. 6 months later, Best Buy is jumping on […]

The Apple Watch Can Be A Sixth Sense

Editor’s note: Dan Kaplan helps startups tell their stories. He blogs about marketing, storytelling, and growth at Threadling and is preparing to launch Dispatches From The Future, a podcast about the future of humanity.  The world around us is screaming with signals our original five senses don’t detect. Unlike some snakes, we can’t sense infrared with […]

An Early Look At The Apple Watch App Ecosystem

With the Apple Watch now officially on the market, and soon to be on the wrists of several million customers – possibly as many as 20 million this year, according to some estimates – there’s a lot of curiosity about what kind of app ecosystem will spring up around the new device. Will Apple Watch […]

GeniCan smart garbage can builds your next shopping list

Brittany Hillen A new smart home appliance has just cropped up, and it aims to make throwing out your kitchen waste a convenience. It’s called GeniCan, and it is a smart device that attaches to the top of your existing kitchen trash can. When an item is thrown away, the GeniCan scans the product and […]