Netflix has another big content library reshuffle for next month

Brittany Hillen Astute Netflix users will have noted the big content changes that took place over the course of December — the first of the month marked a lot of shows and movies disappearing and some new ones coming in to fill the void, followed by more additions over the course of the including (including […]

Apple now allows everyone to create, save files in iCloud

Nate Swanner One of the things Apple had working against them when it came to creating files for use in the cloud was actually creating files in the cloud itself. Though you could save a Pages document or presentation made via Keynote in iCloud, creating one via wasn’t really a thing. Until now. Today, Apple […]

3D Robotics Taps Qualcomm For $50M Series C And Mobile Tech

The race to build the best drone is on and 3D Robotics is today announcing its latest round of financing that it hopes will enable the company to keep its commanding position in the marketplace. As part of the funding, the drone upstart also found a new partner in Qualcomm. You know, the company that […]

How To Watch The Apple Watch Event Live On March 9

It’s almost certain Apple’s March 9 event will provide specifics about the upcoming April launch of the Apple Watch, but you can find out for yourself by tuning in to a live video feed Apple will provide for the event that starts at 10 AM PT. All you’ll need is Apple’s dedicated live events site, and […]

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 pics leak ahead of MWC

Nate Swanner With MWC right around the corner, there’s been a lot of speculation about what we’ll get from Samsung. Their incoming Galaxy S6 is expected to be a lot of things. We may even get tow models from Samsung right from the jump. Leading into MWC, we’re also seeing a lot of leaks, but […]

Google’s AI wins Space Invaders, proves “human-level control”

Chris Burns A new study has been published this week which suggests that artificial intelligence can now learn “human-level control.” The team of researchers come from Google’s DeepMind, where they’re using Space Invaders – the video game – to show how the search for truly human artificial intelligence isn’t too far off. The machine learns […]

The New Razer Blade Is The Gaming Laptop To Beat

Earlier this month, Razer launched the second generation of its ultra-high resolution gaming laptop, the Blade. I’ve since gotten a few weeks to play with the laptop, and can confirm that its hardware lives up to the crazy QHD+ screen. Like its predecessor, this year’s Razer Blade packs in a 14-inch, 3200 x 1800 pixel […]

Google Builds An AI That Can Learn And Master Video Games

Google has built an artificial intelligence system that can learn – and become amazing at – video games all on its own, given no commands but a simple instruction to play titles. The project, detailed by Bloomberg, is the result of research from the London-based DeepMind AI startup Google acquired in a deal last year, […]

Scout gets IFTTT channel, runs away with DIY home security crown

Nate Swanner Home security doesn’t have to be expensive any more. In fact, you can get peace of mind for a few hundred bucks upfront, and never pay another dime. It’s one of the benefits of the ‘Internet of Things’ we keep hearing about. DIY home security is probably best realized with Scout, which lets […]