Roost Raises $5.5M To Retrofit Dumb Gadgets Into Smart Gadgets

In 2014 the Roost Smart Battery accumulated nearly $100,000 in Kickstarter pledges. But that was just the start for Roost. Today the company is announcing a $5.5 million Series A lead by RPM Ventures as the company expands its operations and gears up for launch. The Roost Smart Battery turns ordinary smoke detectors into a […]

More Shots Of BlackBerry Android Phone Leak Online

We got a glimpse of BlackBerry’s rumored Android-powered smartphone last month, in the form a render shared on Twitter by notorious leaker Evan Blass. Now photos of the Android BlackBerry have apparently leaked too — published by Taiwanese website Tinhte (spotted earlier by TechTimes). The latest photos appear to confirm the rendered form factor we saw in last month’s leak, with a trademark BlackBerry physical Qwerty tucked under […]

LG Is Selling A Gold-Plated Version Of Its Watch Urbane Smartwatch For $1,200

Android fans wanting a touch of gold with their smartwatch — a la the Apple Watch — may be interested to learn of a fancy pants version of LG’s Watch Urbane. Priced at just $1,200, the LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a limited edition timepiece produced by LG and jeweler Reeds. It will be showcased at the […]

Elon Musk Can’t Be That Afraid Of Robots, Check Out This Tesla Production Line

Elon Musk has warned us about robots taking over with the help of AI. He’s even donated money to make sure that it doesn’t happen. However, it sure does seem like Tesla relies on robots quite a bit, even if they’re not being primed to turn the company into Skynet. At one point this year […]

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: CarPlay, Booze, And Keyboards

Welcome to the second edition of the TC Gadgets Podcast on Minecraft. This week, we’re discussing Apple CarPlay, the MixStik (which helps you to be an awesome bartender), the new full-size keyboard for mobile devices from LG, and the Sensel Morph (a totally different kind of keyboard). This week’s episode of the TC Gadgets Podcast […]

The Perfect Storm Bass Preamp Contains Secret Soviet Technology

There’s a lot about this Kickstarter project to dissuade me from writing about it. First, this is a bass preamp, a little box that sits between the bass player and the amplifier. It is a device that is interesting only to a certain subset of musician and it is expensive – $1,495 for the early […]

Russia reveals photos of its latest manned spacecraft

It’s sometimes easy to forget that the US’s NASA and SpaceX aren’t the only agencies coming up with new and improved ways to get humans into space. Russia is another nation with similar ambitions, and they’ve recently revealed the first photos of their new in-development spacecraft. The photos, published by the Russian Space Agency, show […]

Xperia Z5 render leak hints “greater focus” is 23MP camera

When it comes to Sony‘s IFA 2015 event in a few days, you might be in either of two camps (not counting those who don’t care). Either you’re waiting with interest to see if the Japanese OEM has anything left to offer the mobile world, or you’re no longer interested because you think it doesn’t […]

Vive VR Headset Full Consumer Launch Slips To Q1 2016

You wait years and years for virtual reality to become a thing, and then suddenly a truck load of VR headsets pile into the tech hype cycle almost at once (thanks Oculus). But if you’re a consumer wanting to get eyes into this next-gen VR hardware you’re likely still waiting to live the daydream. And it […]