Jawbone UP24 adds pink, navy and lemon-lime color choices

Chris Davies Jawbone has outed three new colors for the UP24 fitness band, adding Pink Coral, Navy, and Lemon-Lime to the range over the course of April. The three new variants – which will be offered alongside the black and persimmon bands UP24 originally launched with – will work exactly the same as before, connecting […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime said preparing for LG G3 war

Chris Davies The Samsung Galaxy S5 may not have had the QHD Super AMOLED display some predicted, but Samsung is reportedly working on an updated, higher-resolution version, dubbed by some the Galaxy S5 Prime, as a premium retort to upcoming phones. The 2560 x 1440 handset, said to be internally codenamed “KQ”, is believed to be […]

Here’s What To Look For In Apple’s Earnings

Later today, Apple will report its fiscal Q2 2014 earnings. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said in the previous earnings call that the company expected more or less a flat quarter in Q2. And analysts agree. Apple should report flat revenue, flat gross margin, flat net profit — flat everything. But there are a couple of […]

Duet Takes On Tile With A Small, Square Lost Item Finder That Also Lets Your Replace The Battery

Early backers of the Bluetooth-powered lost item finder called Tile, backed by $2.7 million in crowdfunding, have been patiently waiting for the device to begin shipping (which it finally is, they say). But in the meantime, a number of similar tags have stepped in to fill the void, including TrackR, StickNFind, Lapa, and others. And now here comes one […]

Duet Bluetooth tag: proximity sense for Android and iPhone

Chris Burns Over the past year, a number of devices similar to the Protag “Duet” have been released. They’ve all worked in a similar fashion – notifying you when you’re a certain distance away from your smartphone. Here with the Duet, limits are cut. No longer are you limited to iPhone, iOS, or one certain […]

Samsung vs Apple: FaceTime takes the stand

Chris Burns This week Samsung has gone on the offensive with their suggestion that Apple’s FaceTime is a patent infringer. Samsung’s own patent for compression of video before transmission is being held against Apple inside FaceTime, this new push tapping devices in Apple’s lineup such as the iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 5. Samsung […]

Apple marks Earth Day 2014 with Tim Cook “Better” eco-video

Chris Davies Apple has relaunched its Environmental Responsibility hub on Earth Day 2014, renewing attention on its materials selection, the impact of climate change, and how it is sourcing energy for new projects like the Yerington, Nevada data center from solar farms. The company also has a new video, filmed at different Apple locations around […]

Nokia HERE Traffic: Inside the team tracking America’s roads

Chris Davies The fastest route isn’t necessarily the shortest, and that’s something Nokia‘s HERE Traffic group has discovered when it comes to tracking congestion across the US road network. Every day the team uses a combination of official reports, highway cameras, and social networks like Twitter to keep services like Nokia HERE Traffic, Bing Maps, and Yahoo! Maps […]

A Week With Panasonic’s BTD10 Bluetooth Headphones

In the heyday of consumer electronics, the words “premium audio” and “Panasonic” wouldn’t have seemed so incongruous. However, with the rise of boutique audio hardware and the contraction of the CE market as a whole, the world we live in is a world where it’s surprising that Panasonic can actually make good headphones. And, thankfully, […]