T-Mobile teases Sprint subscribers with $200 a line bounty

Mobile phone carriers are interesting. They always seem to be trying their hardest to undercut the competition, and lure customers away from their current provider. This is, of course, almost always good for the customer, as it usually means discounts. And in the case of T-Mobile, it means cold, hard cash. Today T-Mobile CEO John […]

Scientists say 2015 will likely be “Warmest on Record”

Global Warming isn’t so much an opinion when it comes to the World Meteorological Organization. They’ve said this week that the global average surface temperature of our Earth this year is “likely to be the warmest on record.” They’re suggesting that this is because of a combination of human-induced global warming as well as a […]

Help TurboRoo & His 3D-Printed Pawsthetics Project

Some of us, four legged friends included, hit some bad luck once in a while. Some have it harder than others. A good friend of mine, TurboRoo, has an interesting story to share and a new campaign to help others in his situation. Turbo was brought into a vet in 2014 to give up for […]

Apple’s Holiday Ad Features Andra Day, Stevie Wonder And VoiceOver

Named ‘Someday at Christmas,’ Apple just shared its holiday video ad ahead of Thanksgiving in the U.S. and the holiday season. Surprisingly, it doesn’t showcase Apple’s latest and greatest products. Instead, it focuses on music and family time. It also features Andra Day and Stevie Wonder. The two artists sing around a piano with various […]

Google’s “classic” Star Wars easter egg revealed

This morning the first big Google-made Star Wars easter egg was revealed, creating an “opening scrawl” of their search results. This is just the first of a collection of easter eggs that’ll be revealed over the next few weeks, each of them likely deep within Google apps. To activate this particular hidden secret, you have […]

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 runs Android or Windows 10, for real

The newest Xiaomi tablet – one you might recognize – goes by the name Mi Pad 2 and runs either Android 5.1 Lollipop or Windows 10. Microsoft’s operating system is the newest on the market – with such a small display, it’s likely Xiaomi is being allowed to run this operating system and sell it […]

Imagination Technologies Is Crowdfunding A Dev Kit For IoT

Another dev kit targeting developers and startups that want to build devices for the Internet of Things has launched on Kickstarter — although its maker, Imagination Technologies, is no startup, but rather an established company which licenses IP to chipmakers and counts Apple (with an 8.4 per cent stake) among its investors. Why does Imagination need to go […]

For The Love Of All That Is Good And Holy, Please Buy A Swiss Watch

Times in the tiny Swiss watch ateliers are getting tough. While I originally assumed that Swiss watches would survive the onslaught of smartwatches, I was wrong. “To suggest that the iWatch will influence Swiss watch buyers is like saying the market for a fine Bordeaux is affected by the advent of a new flavor of […]

Pebble Time hits Woot – bad news for the watchmaker?

It would appear that Woot just got a shipment of Pebble Time smartwatches in for their fire sale department. What’s this mean for the watchmaker? It might mean little. It could be that one distributor or another just received more Pebble Time watches than they could sell. It could also mean that Pebble is planning […]